How frequently do you read the signs that you see on the side of the road? If you don’t read them, maybe you will start showing an interest in them after finishing this post. 

Here, we have compiled 35 of the best signs that people have spotted on the side of a veterinary clinic in Carrol County, Maryland. Scroll down for a good laugh. 

1. Not Bugs!

There should be some sort of law against this. Bugs Bunny is sacred and should never be made fun of.

2. Today I learned

That I am not the only one. Is there anyone other than those crazy YouTubers that try to convince you it’s easy, who can actually fold a fitted sheet?

3. Oh, that’s normal

It’s like the sounds your car makes and you think they might be an issue. But your mechanic assures you that it’s perfectly normal.

4. A new word!

And a word I need to incorporate into my vocabulary. Because I don’t do anything before my coffee.

5. My poor suitcases

They are collecting dust. So they carry more than emotional baggage right now. There are live bunnies on top of them!

6. So true!

As a dog person, I concur. There are days my dog is my family and my best friend all rolled into one.

7. A wise woman

I’ve heard that cats like to be in charge. So if a cat has decided it’s sleeping on your lap, I just you shouldn’t interfere with that decision.

8. Alexa, you idiot!

No, that is not what I said. And I would not like to know what the weather will be like this weekend, I would like you to turn on the damn coffee maker, like I asked!

9. I can relate

I just moved, and I’m living in the mayhem. And yes, it’s much like all the ingredients of tacos that are all lost and out of place like nachos.

10. Huh. Is this true?

I guess I need to do some research. Is this because they are naturally barky dogs, or do they have an incredible hearing?

11. A blast from the past

Or was it Back to the Future? Past, future, it’s all a blur when you’re driving your DeLorean.

12. Truer words!

I honestly don’t understand runners. I look at them and all I can think about is how much that jars your bones. I like to walk my way, thank you very much.

13. We don’t deserve them

They take up room in our hearts and in our lives. And when they’re gone, they still linger.

14. Thanks for the visual

Once we’re back to open toed show weather, I’ll be reminded of this. I’ll look at my naked toes and think of toads. Thanks.

15. Addictions are tough

Or so I understand. I’ve never been addicted to anything. Or… wait. Does pizza count?

16. Wheee!

All this working from home is starting to get to some people. Or just being at home period. They are looking for excitement where ever they can find it.

17. I have an idea

Most dogs are trainable. Train your dog that the doorbell isn’t the enemy. And for some people, just train your dog, period.

18. But, but…

Mom always said don’t eat in bed. Especially things like crackers, chips, and cookies. But if the sheets are made of cookie sheets… ?

19. That could go very wrong

So Doc, what is your recommendation? What do I need to do get fit and healthy? Doc answers, “I want you to get out there and get as much extra fries as you can.”

20. Mine is better than yours

My daddy is stronger than your daddy. Well, my dog is better than yours. In both cases, everyone is right, right?

21. Always by my side

I hope they are friends. Not only because they work so well together, but they are always together. Imagine how hard that would be if they hated each other.

22. Not a good plan

Well, not a good plan for those of us who like white meat. I guess it’s a great idea if you’re into the legs.

23. Personable

I’m just much more of a person in the afternoon. I’m barely human in the morning.

24. Oh, yeah

2020 was such a crappy year. So this sign is perfectly appropriate. Let’s just hope 2021 gets better.

25. I never thought about this

Can you imagine not knowing that parrots can talk, and then hearing one talk? That would mess you up well.

26. New words

The new words we’ve added to our everyday vocabulary are sad. Lockdown, quarantine, COVID, pandemic…

27. Sneaky creatures

It’s their way or the highway. And they march to the beat of their own drum, not ours.

28. You don’t realize what you had…

…until it’s gone. Remember the freedom of going wherever you want whenever you wanted? Yeah, we took it from granted, never realizing things could be different.

29. Oh, yeah

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand people who are okay to be cookie cutter? Just the same as everyone else? How boring.

30. So does everyone else

I read some statistic about how many people have gained weight over the last year. I was neither thrilled nor surprised to learn that more woman than men added some pounds.

31. Who, me?

Don’t be crazy. It was the dog that did it. Everyone knows mischief is always the dog’s fault. So of course I won’t apologize.

31. Who, me?

Don’t be crazy. It was the dog that did it. Everyone knows mischief is always the dog’s fault. So of course I won’t apologize.

33. Who’s a good girl?

Using the dog’s shampoo isn’t that bad. I recently read an article about some guy who used some dog product for months without realizing it—despite the dog on the bottle. I wish I could remember what it was.

34. Do you have a cough?

If you don’t have a cough to go with that fever you think you might have, chances are you’re fine. Meaning weighing yourself will yield scarier results.

35. It sure is!

I mean, come on! It doesn’t matter why you squat. It’s the very fact that you did it. And a cookie can be your reward.

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