Is Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection Plan justified, despite all the trouble? If you routinely drop your phone, you should think about getting some sort of warranty. And now with a $29 screen repair option that comes to your home or office, Verizon’s option is very alluring.

I initially did not add it to my Samsung Galaxy S8+ but could include it when the company offered an open enrollment choice. I’m happy I did as a 2-foot drop to concrete broke the upper edge of the screen.

Verizon Total Mobile Protection Plan
Verizon fixes screen troubles much cheaper than the companies themselves. Version: Gottabemobile

While I have the tools I require from iFixit to fix, an official screen for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is near $200. Rather, I could pay $29 and plan an in-home fix for the Galaxy S8+ screen.

This service is accessible anyplace and there were openings for both, day and night. The comfort factor is colossal, but you do need to pick a nearby in-person fix if you need to burn through $29. If I had sent in my Galaxy S8+ for fix it would have cost me $199.

Not long after I made the arrangement a fixed tech went to my home to fix the telephone. I got an email with his photograph and ID early, and a call to tell me when he was headed.

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The tech was proficient, gracious and got the chance to work rapidly on an extra work area. The main thing he required from me was a mark and an electrical plug.

The procedure took 30 to 40 minutes amid which I could continue working from home. Soon after he gave me the telephone, requesting to open it and look at the screen and the cameras.

Verizon Total Mobile Protection Plan
After the repair by Verizon. Source : Gottabmobile

Everything was working fine, and now I could take a selfie without a little crack over the camera focal point. He pressed up to his apparatus, tidied up his materials and left it looking simply like it had before he arrived.

Total Mobile Protection is $13 every month at Verizon, which can include over a two year period time frame with a phone, yet it can pay for itself in a fix this way. Total Mobile Protection is accessible for iPhone or Android gadgets.

This covers the $29 screen substitution service and total replacement for $199. It even covers misfortune or burglary, which is something that Samsung’s warranty and the standard AppleCare+ warranties don’t cover. AppleCare+ is currently available for $9.99 per month or an in advance payment of $199.

For Android phones, this is a brilliant choice for warranty inclusion. For iPhones, you’ll have to look at the alternatives and how near you are an Apple Store to check whether you need to go to that course.