Verizon 5G Home Coverage Map Revealed

Verizon’s 5G Home service will be extraordinary—when you can get it. However, even in its four dispatch cities, the carrier’s coverage region is very constrained, and we currently won’t see it grow for something like a half year.

In Verizon’s earnings call this week, CEO Hans Vestberg said its underlying 5G hardware was “completely sent in the four cities we have chosen.” But as should be obvious from the maps beneath, “fully deployed” signifies it just covers a small amount of every city.

The hidden struggle here is that Verizon did its initial rollout with mid “5GTF” 5G hardware. Presently that standards-compliant 5G NR foundation is accessible, it’s exchanging further builds over to the worldwide standard. But the compliant home routers from Samsung and Motorola won’t be available until the second half of this current year, so Verizon can’t extend its 5G Home coverage area until it can get hold of those.


Americans need and want the choice that Verizon 5G Home is going to offer. Home ISP rivalry in the US is totally terrible, and Verizon said in December that it’s promising to before long double 5G Home’s speeds. Those speeds average 300Mbps, as per the company.

Verizon doesn’t offer coverage maps of its 5G service, but it offers neighborhood lists. I took those area records, made an interpretation of them to neighborhood limits by means of Google Maps, mapped those to ZIP codes, and I’m giving you a guide of the ZIP codes. My maps to some degree exaggerate Verizon’s coverage. So where will Verizon offer 5G Home for the following a half year?

Houston 5G Home Coverage Map

Verizon Houston 5G Coverage Map

In the Houston territory, 5G Home is available “on a loop” and parts of the Near Northside, Montrose, Midtown, and University neighborhoods, and The Heights.

Indianapolis Verizon 5G Home Coverage Map

Verizon Indianapolis 5G Home Coverage Map

In Indianapolis, 5G Home is accessible in the Eastside hall from downtown to the Little Flower neighborhood. And parts of Speedway, Lawrence, Hamilton County, and Johnson County.

Los Angeles Verizon 5G Home Coverage Map

Verizon Los Angeles 5G Home Coverage Map

In the LA region, 5G Home is accessible in parts of downtown, Chinatown and close to the USC grounds. LA is additionally enormous, and that isn’t quite a bit of LA.

Sacramento Verizon 5G Home Coverage Map

Verizon Sacramento 5G Home Coverage Map

In Sacramento, 5G Home is accessible in parts of downtown, Metro Center, East Sacramento, North and South Natomas, North Oak Park, North City, and South City Farms.

My guide here truly exaggerates coverage since North City Farms and South City Farms are generally little neighborhoods that don’t take up whole ZIP codes, close to the base of the map.

Source: PC Mag

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