People might have a chance of reemergence of the Van Halen back in the year 2019. The buzz has been simmering quite a lot in past few weeks regarding the return of Van Halen in the year 2019 after David Lee Roth, and the singer has reportedly hinted in an interview with Vulture saying that there is a highly likely possibility that the group might play in the Yankee Stadium in the year 2019.

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And now there is a rumor for Eddie Trunk a radio personality who has cited the sources of the industry that Michael Anthony, the former bassist who will also join the proposed tour. Trunk stresses on the fact that the return of Anthony and the tour which has been proposed is just a rumor.

Trunk added that he feels hesitant to talk about this as every year there is always a rumor to do something related to Van Halen or even announce something and it ultimately doesn’t happen. However there is a little more than the normal as they are going to close out 2018, he is starting to hear some of the rumblings.

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There are sources as well as people that they hear from and there is also some stuff which he was talking about the other day has to be kept off the record. And this is the reason why he cannot cite his source. Nevertheless, he has heard about it from somebody, present in the music industry.

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The rumors have come from the reliable source, but they are still rumors which have not been confirmed yet – whether the band is going to tour in 2019 that would be making the return of Michael.

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Back in 2006, there was a revelation that Van Halen is going to continue with the son of Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen to handle the duties related to the responsibilities of the bass.

Source: loudwire