USA vs Russia Venezuela Crisis

USA vs Russia is an age-old rivalry which could be traced back to the second World War. Two of the biggest forces in the world are always at odds. The rivalry between the two countries has always been intense. However, things are heating up once again as President Donald Trump has now ordered Russia to pull out its troops from Venezuela.

USA vs Russia Donald Trump Vladimir Putin
Image: Zero Hedge

Making a stern statement, Trump pointed out that ‘all options’ are open to ensure that Russia follows the command. This comes just days after President Trump was found ‘not guilty’ in the investigation about his alleged role in the Russian Collusion scandal. Let us take a closer look and understand the political angle behind this renewed USA vs Russia rivalry.

USA vs Russia: Understanding Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela is getting worse. The United States does not support the regime of President Nicloas Maduro. A number of other Western nations do not support him as well. However, Russia and China have since emerged as two of the biggest backers of Maduro.

USA vs Russia Nicloas Maduro Venezuela
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Maduro’s political opponent Juan Guaido is backed by the US. Trump made the latest statement asking Russia to ‘get out’ of Venezuela during a meeting with Guaido’s wife, Fabiana Rosales.

USA vs Russia: Why Trump Asked Russia to Withdraw Forces

This statement from the US President comes after Russia landed almost 100 troops on two aircrafts outside Caracas. According to the US Government, these troops include special forces and members of Russia’s cybersecurity team.

USA vs Russia Donald Trump
Image: New Straits Times

Could Venezuela become the latest battleground which will rekindle the age-old rivalry between USA vs Russia? We’ll find out.