4th of July US Independence Day Greetings

4th of July refers to the Independence Day of the United States of America, and it is celebrated as a federal holiday in the nation. Celebrations are held across the country as It marks as a historical event in the history of the nation.

What happened on this day?

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On this day, the American colonies severed all their ties with the British. It also marks the anniversary of the day when the Americans signed the declaration of independence from the UK in 1776. Therefore, it is very common to see patriotic displays and family events all over the US on this day. This is done in order to remember the occasion and celebrate independence.

In October of 1774, the Congress petitioned the British Government to address the grievances that had gotten accumulated since 1763. In order to get their problems heard, they boycotted all British good and also imposed nonexportation of American products to Britain and its colonies.

How the struggle for independence began?

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The colonies also rebelled against General Gage who was in charge of the British after the Boston Tea Party. Sons of Liberty and other groups were formed which aimed to uncover British plans. Thus began the US War for Independence, which lasted till October 1781.

July 2nd, 1776 saw the formation of the Second Continental Congress which formed the decree for freedom. On July 4, it was adopted formally as the Declaration of Independence. The declaration inspired American troops to continue to fight for their freedom.

This is why the fourth of July is celebrated as the birth of the United States as a nation.