Bitcoin friendly banks

Even though the position of the finance industry is still not crystal clear one thing that will please the Bitcoin enthusiasts is the fact that the US has the most Bitcoin-friendly banks.

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The finance industry has a split view when it comes to bank working with Bitcoin in some form. According to some people, it will make the task easier while others say that Bitcoin is the opposite of centralized and monitored currency.

Can I store Bitcoins in a bank? Why do banks not like Bitcoin?

Firstly, you cannot store your Bitcoins into your bank account and you cannot buy BTC using credit cards.

Most of the banks are still avoiding to deal with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as they are against the idea of decentralized money as it threatens their existence.

Bitcoin Price

However, several banks have started to warm up to Bitcoin. Some are even providing services that will allow consumers to trade in BTC easily.

The list of Bitcoin Friendly Banks

The list below features all the banks that provide various options to trade BTC easily. These banks have cryptocurrency friendly services for crypto enthusiasts and the public.


Ally Banks tops the list of these banks. It is an online bank with 24×7 customer support which includes online chat. It allows their consumers to link their accounts to their Coinbase accounts. Thus allowing smooth BTC integration.


USAA is another bank that has partnered with Coinbase to provide crypto friendly service. The bank has an app that allows users to check their crypto balance as well as invest in an exchange through the app.

Simple Bank

Simple Bank is based in the United States and works seamlessly with several cryptocurrency exchanges.

The bank operates online which means it has no physical branch. It provides access to the account using a web platform.


The above-mentioned banks are small banks that support the idea of decentralized currency or Bitcoin in general.

It will take some time before the bigger banks change their stance towards Bitcoin because currently, it is a threat to their business.