US Weather forecast warning raised as a “bomb cyclone” is coming after the winter storm

US to brace more after the winter storm

The winter storm hit the United States on Tuesday. It brought with it damaging storm and snow. This powerful “bomb cyclone” is not the end of your suffering. Meteorologists have raised further warnings. It that the weather will get worse. And this will be because of the “bomb cyclone.”

We have got for you all the updates that you need to know.

The winter storm: Causalities caused

On Tuesday, the United States was hit the “bomb cyclone”. It is the second snow blizzard that has hit the country. Moreover, this has happened in just a few weeks.

The winter storm has become the reason for the snow plow. This is specifically in Colorado. Moreover, it resulted in the death of a man. This was because of the car crash.

US Weather forcast warning bomb cyclone winterstorm
The winter storm will get severe
Source: Vox

In Minnesota, more than 100 cars got crashed. This was in a whiteout. Moreover, about 1000 flights were canceled. This is because of the bad weather conditions.

According to the Accuweather, the economic damage is worth $ 3billion.  Moreover, according to the forecasters, the storm is not yet over. Weather forecasts state that the storm will get even more violent.

The violence continues

A warning has been issued that the winter storm will become severe

This is for the Central and Southern states of the United States. And the warning has been issued for Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, Minnesota and Nebraska have been warned for blizzards along with strong winds.

US to brace more after the winter storm
The winter storm to bring blizzards and rain
Source: Travel and leisure

The same warning has been extended to both North and South of Dakota.

MyRadar Weather warns of isolated tornadoes. This is along with the severe storms. Moreover, blizzard warnings have been kept intact.

South has been warned of the frost. Whereas the northern plain will have some snow. There will be freezing rain up in Canada. This will be through the Midwest.

It will be slow to go for the storm in mid-Atlantic. And therefore travellers are cautioned about the same.

Written by Kashish Verma

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