US Security Policy now will require Social Media details and history

    The USA security expand policy requires social media handles

    The USA security policy requires social media handles to confirm that you are not a terrorist. While terrorism is expanding its claw every nation has to be a little more careful when it comes to immigrants. The USA has always had strict policies for immigrants, and after Donald Trump took over the chair even a sand grain can’t escape without verification.


    They say that a person’s handwriting tells a lot about them. Though, in current times this saying is a little twisted. Now, a persons social media tells a lot about a person. Keeping this in mind, the USA immigrant policy now requires a person’s social media handles too. So, now you should probably keep your Instagram clean.

    The USA security expand policy requires social media handles

    The policy requires social handles

    US Security Policy for Social Media

    This was proposed in March 2018 and is expected to affect around 15 million foreigners who seek US visa. Along with social media handles, the applicants would require to submit their telephone numbers and email addresses too. The applicants seeking visas have to submit their social media information, international travel and deportation status, emails and telephone numbers used over the last five years.

    The USA security expand policy requires social media handles

    This has created a huge stir among foreigners.
    Source- Condre Nast Traveller India

    Why is this needed?

    This will help the security members to track down any suspicious information related to terrorists. Also, the applicants will have to tell whether or not they have any members who were terrorists or from such organizations. This would help the US to keep an eagles eye on foreigners and thus, block terrorism coming through citizens or tourists.

    When this policy was at its initial effect, the department said that this is going to affect around 710,000 immigrant visa applicants and at least 14 million non-immigrants, applicants. This policy isn’t just levied on tourists but also the ones who visit for business or education purpose.

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