US has a ‘concerted strategy’ to push allies to reject Huawei’s 5G equipment: Eurasia Group


    On Tuesday, an Expert of Eurasia said that the allies of US are forced to close down the 5G networks of Chinese mobile company Huawei, citing security reasons when the 5G network is set to play a crucial role in this current century. America’s close partner Japan said that it would not buy 5G network and Huawei mobiles for its army forces and government workplaces. BT, the telecom firm of UK, has removed the Huawei network from giving technology for its 5G network.

    With mounting pressure and speculations, New Zealand and Australia has joined the list of countries that has banned the tech giant. On Tuesday, risk consultancy Eurasia group, geo-technology director, Kevin Allison said that it was part of a concerted strategy to pressure its western countries, allies and similar partners from not including the Chinese 5G equipment in its networks of next generation from the US.

    Source: Firstpost

    The high speed technology is a ”geopolitically consequential network upgrade” which shows modern levels of invention for a handful of sectors like artificial intelligence, smart cities, driverless vehicles and advanced factories, said Allison. He also added that these technologies were going to set the tone for the rest of the 21st century showing great competition is places like military strength and faster surge in economics. He further added that the conflict between US and China is one of the main reasons for the steps taken by it towards Huawei.

    The ambassadors of Canada and US were called by China to criticize them about Meng’s treatment.

    Huawei later addressed its suppliers by saying that it has strictly complied with all the regulations and laws in their global business operations and that they are not aware of any wrongdoing.

    Source: Wall Street Journal

    There is going to be two internet divisions: one by china and other by US, said Eric Schimdt, top former executive of Google.

    Source: cnbc, fortune

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