US Flood Alert: Floods Expected As Cold Streak Comes to an End
US Flood Alert Polar Vortex
Image: Public Radio International

Following a bitter winter, where temperatures dropped down to as low as -23 degrees, the US is now under a flood alert. The US Flood Alert was bound to happen as thawing begins. The past week witnessed one of the coldest winter seasons in modern US history. World Meteorological Organization claimed that this weather was due to a polar vortex.

A polar vortex is a large, low-pressure area in the North Pole, surrounded by cold air. This leads to strong counterclockwise winds, which caused this weeklong cold streak.

US Flood Alert: Cause of Potential Floods

With temperatures in Chicago reaching -23 degrees, a number of water bodies had frozen.

US Flood Alert Chicago
Image: Ars Technica

Now, as the ice melts, there is a risk that these lakes and rivers might begin to flood. This is a problem not pertaining to just Chicago. This is a national-level US flood alert.


While the situation might not be as catastrophic as one imagines, this is indeed going to be quite inconvenient. Temperatures in Chicago are expected to reach 11 to 12 degrees over the next couple of days – resulting in the thawing of the frozen water bodies.

US Flood Alert in California

US Flood Alert California
Image: Cool Green Science

California faces a major US flood alert warning. This is because the region faces not just a cold wave followed by thawing, but also a big storm. Moreover, with winds of 80MPH hitting the region, followed by 4-inch rainfall, the bay area has been put under a flood watch. Those near water bodies in the US are advised to stay indoors in case of a flooding event.

Source: AlJazeera