Rod J. Rosenstein, The United States District Attorney for the District of Marland told The Wall Street Journal that there has been a revelation of Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 United States Elections. He said Robert Mueller has already carried out the investigation which revealed the multi-faceted Russian efforts.

He said,

“I have a solemn responsibility to make sure that cases like that are pursued and prosecuted, and I’m pleased the president has been supportive of that.”

“I believe that our department and our office have been appropriately managing that investigation,”

Rosenstein told The Journal, referring to the Russia probe.

Source- The New Yorker

However President Donald Trump has often described the campaign as a hoax. However, time and time again Trump had made attempts to influence the investigation. Mr. President also gripes the fact that Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, withdrew himself from being a part of the investigation last year.

No matter whatever the case is, there are rumors that the details of the investigation is soon to be elaborately revealed by Mueller in November.

Source- Business Insider