Dallas in US of Texas will now have a new Central Market opening shortly on Mckinney Avenue. This new market will be housed at McKinney and Lemmon avenues. The project will also include not just restaurants and shops but also offices

KDC, the developer of Dallas, which has also been the developer of some of the big office projects in Texas, will now team up owners of Albertsons store, who are San Antonio based grocer for this project.

The famous grocery store, Albertsons pulled down its shutters in 2015 and was taken over by the Central Market on long term lease on the given property, the residents since then have been willing to have the store back.

The architect of Dallas, Omniplan along with San Antonio design firm Lake|Flato will be designing the project. KDC plans to build the Supermarket with lower levels of a 19-story mixed-use project, which will take more than just remodelling the existing building. The development will take place on most of the 4.8 acres of the block which is between McKinney and Oak Grove.

KDC plans to give the Central Market shoppers a two level parking on top of the store with a “on the roof public plaza” which will be accessible by the public visiting not only restaurants but also shops offices which will be facing the elevated public space.

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The project will be the seventh Central Market that Dallas will have, replacing a huge parking lot of the grocery store and will be the largest store in Central Market’s portfolio.

The construction of the project will the more than two years because of the because of the underground parking which adds complexity to the project as it will be excavated on most of the block.

Source: Dallasnews.com, biznews.com