Undertaker vs goldeberg Saudi Arabia Match

Undertaker vs Goldberg was perhaps one of the worst matches that WWE has had in a really long time! Given that both the men involved in this match were some of the biggest legends of the sport, one didn’t really expect this match to be so bad. However, there was a slow-paced action and many botched moves, some of which could have potentially been very dangerous.

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Undertaker vs goldeberg WWE Super Showdown
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WWE knows that this was a bad match. But given that both the men are hugely respected and loved legends, who is to blame for this poor match? Let us find out.

Undertaker vs Goldberg: What Happened at the Match?

The match was exceptionally bad! Undertaker landed Goldberg with a piledriver which hit his head hard on the mat. It was followed by Goldberg botching a Jackhammer which landed Undertaker on his neck which looked a very uncomfortable spot.

Undertaker vs goldeberg
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To make matters worse, Goldberg was bleeding almost from the first minute of the match when his head busted open after hitting a ring post.

Who Does WWE Blame for the Poor Match Quality?

The WWE is blaming Goldberg because he busted his head open before the Undertaker vs Goldberg match even began! He was likely dazed and confused while he made his entrance and then losing so much blood wouldn’t have helped the 50-year-old.

Undertaker vs goldeberg bad match
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Reportedly he was adviced by Triple H to not do it, but he still did it! Hence, it is likely that Goldberg will be the one who will take the blame for this poor match.