Britons need to brace themselves for drier and brighter weather. The temperature is set to soar higher. The Met Office cautioned that even though it may not feel like a heatwave, the rise in temperature will be enough to burn.

It will only be in the favor of Britons to take caution while they step out in this searing heat. However, the warmth will arrive only after showers. As per the forecast, the pollen count will also be high. Meteorologist Aidan McGivern from the Met Office said,

So warm on Friday morning where there will be some sunshine about but also a few showers.

UK weather forecast

There will be a few spots across Scotland that will see cloudy skies for the Western Isles in North Wales, Northern Ireland, East Anglia, and the North Midlands. The weather will quickly take a turn from cloud bubbles to sunny spells. But the warm sunshine after showers is always welcomed.

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The weekend will see chill in the air with a touch of frost, but sunshine is likely to warm things up soon again. The sunshine will be pleasant after that. No heatwave does not mean that it won’t be hot.

UK Weather forecast

It is always better to protect yourself beforehand, rather than facing the consequences later. It may not feel like a heatwave, but the sun is strong enough to cause a burn.

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