Daniel Cormier Brock Lesnar retirement UFC WWE Dana White

Speculation has been ongoing for months as to when Brock Lesnar would come out of retirement to fight again. While many believed that the WWE superstar would return to fight Cormier for the title itself, UFC President believes otherwise.

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Brock Lesnar retirement – The story so far

Dana White, the president of UFC, says that Brock Lesnar has told him personally that he is done with wrestling as a sport.

Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier’s feud has been a long one- it began at the UFC 226 in Las Vegas last July. Cormier was the one who instigated the fight, with him calling out Brock Lesnar for his first-round knockout victory over Stipe Miocic. The triumph made Brock “the beast” Lesnar the first player to hold simultaneously two UFC titles.

Daniel Cormier Brock Lesnar retirement UFC

Brock Lesnar came storming out when Cormier called him out. The two giants went face to face, and Lesnar pushed him around before finally going into a long and explicit tirade.

The reason why the fight between the two has come to an end and the reason why Lesnar’s time at the MMA is coming to an end is the inability of the MMA to meet Lesnar’s financial needs. Lesnar holds the belief that WWE is in a better position to hand him the big money contract that he wants. After all, Lesnar’s influence on TV ratings is indisputable.

Daniel Cormier Brock Lesnar retirement UFC

Even Cormier admits that the reason why Lesnar is leaving is financial. Cormier feels that Lesnar had one fierce look at the MMA landscape and knew that there was a better chance of getting a steady and increased pay at WWE.

Brock thought like a business, and made the right move, he further adds. He says that Brock and WWE chairman Vince McMahon understand each other very well, and them coming to work together again will be fruitful for the WWE.