Nate Diaz vs Khabib Nurmagomedov is a match that you didn’t know you wanted till it started to seem real that the two top UFC stars might just collide! Things started to go downhill when the two had an altercation at UFC 239 in Las Vegas following which it seems that they’re just getting passive-aggressive at each other.

McGregor vs Khabib Rematch
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Diaz has now insulted Khabib and the Russian might just issue a challenge soon. Let us take a closer look at what’s going on between the two top stars of the UFC.

Nate Diaz Insults Khabib Nurmagomedov? Is Diaz vs Khabib on the Cards?

Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis (as pictured below) is all set to be the co-main event of UFC 241 where a returning Nate Diaz faces off against Pettis. Diaz, who has been away from the UFC for three years now, is expected to win his first match back but Pettis is no pushover either and he’s going to give it his best.

Diaz vs Pettis UFC 241
Image UFC

However, a win for Diaz in this match at UFC 241 means that Khabib Nurmagomedov might just issue him a challenge if he wins his match at UFC 242. To make matters worse, Diaz recently said that he’s “too cool” to wrestle guys like Khabib.

What Happens to McGregor vs Khabib Now?

McGregor vs Khabib 2
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What is interesting here is that Khabib might just challenge Diaz to a fight to anger Conor McGregor. McGregor has been demanding a rematch with Khabib for a really long time now but Khabib might just end up giving this rematch to McGregor’s rival Diaz! Revenge is a dish best served cold and Khabib is indeed great at playing mind games.

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