UFC Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar

The biggest name in UFC when it comes to their official pound-for-pound rankings, Jon Jones has been ranked number 1 in the company. Brock Lesnar is ‘the beast incarnate’ when it comes to WWE and the ‘ultimate boss’ when it comes to sports entertainment. Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar is a dream match for many – and it might just be coming true!

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar UFC
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In a recent statement, Jon Jones said that ‘Brock Lesnar is too slow’. He added that if the two ever fight, he will ‘Embarrass’ him.


Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar: Is It Really Happening?

This is a dream match for many, but given the fact that Brock Lesnar has retired from UFC, one wonders if it could really happen. Was it just Jones’s way of getting some PR? Or is Lesnar going to reply to this by coming back to UFC and going head to head with the Light Heavyweight Champion?

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar UFC
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Given the fact that Lesnar is both, retired, as well as under contract with WWE – one wonders if this could happen. Let us take a closer look at his status with WWE:

Brock Lesnar’s WWE Status

Brock Lesnar UFC
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Lesnar’s WWE character is pretty much the extension of his real life. Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants. If he wants a Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar fight, he’s going to get it! WWE has given him exceptions to fight in UFC while being under WWE contract, as seen in UFC 200. Could a similar exception be made once again for this fight?