On Monday night, BJ Penn allegedly had a clash with the bouncer of a strip club. A minute long video showed Penn in an altercation with an individual.

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BJ Penn fights with Honolulu nightclub

The onlookers tried to stop Penn from fighting the Honolulu nightclub bouncer. It was reported that the fight happened at Club Femme Nu. The club manager said that they have to remove Penn from the night club as he was super drunk. As the bouncers were escorting Penn out, he became aggressive.

BJ Penn fight nightclub Honolulu
Credits: LowKick MMA

The video caught the UFC legend in a drunk state. He was shirtless and wearing flip-flops. The people around tried to get him off the bouncer who was struggling to protect himself. However, Penn wouldn’t stop at any cost.

YouTube video

One of the bystanders even punched Penn in the head in order to stop him. The footage ended with two men trying to stop Penn and the bouncer was not on his feet for a single second the entire time.

BJ Penn fight nightclub Honolulu
Credits: LowKick MMA

The police were also called, but Penn left by the time they arrived. Earlier in April, Penn’s wife has filed a restraining order against him. She suffered sexual and physical abuse for several years. The UFC legend is on a seven-fight losing streak. Dana White, the UFC President, urged the fighter to retire after his recent defeat earlier in May. White said,

This is a young man’s game. I gave him a lot of opportunities because he’s BJ and because of the relationship that I’ve had with BJ his entire career and before that.

White refused to give Penn any more opportunities.

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