UFC New Mexico Main Event Rodriguez vs Stephens Winning Odds

Rodriguez vs Stephens is a main event where two of the top names in UFC’s Featherweight division will clash. Hometown Hero Yair Rodriguez will face Jeremy Stephens at UFC Mexico City (UFC Fight Night 159) in a battle which is all set to enthrall the viewers!

Rodriguez vs Stephens at UFC Fight Night 159 UFC Mexico City

This is a first-time pairing and it will be interesting to see how the two perform against each other. Rodriguez is the young up and comer here while Stephens is the veteran who is much more experienced.


Rodriguez vs Stephens at UFC Fight Night 159: What to Expect?

Rodriguez is 28, 5 years younger than the 33 year old Jeremy Stephens. Both of them have the exact same weight and reach but Rodriguez has a slight advantage when it comes to height as he has 0.02m more on his opponent. Both the men are quite athletic and have been key figures in the UFC Featherweight division.

UFC Fight NIght 159 Yair Rodriguez vs Jeremy Stephens
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It is expected that the strategy that Rodriguez will use will be to tire out his opponent as he has a much better cardio at age 28 than Stephens at age 33. This will give him the advantage and hence the hometown-hero will be able to score an easy win.

Winning Odds for UFC Mexico City: Who Wins The Main Event?

Rodriguez vs Stephens UFC Fight Night 159
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UFC Fight Night 159 is all set to be one where the odds are evenly stacked. Rodriguez vs Stephens is a battle between age/fitness and experience. We;ve seen quite a few similar matches over the years and on most occassions experience has triumphed over age. This is a close one as Stephens is -115 over Rodriguez who stands in close at -105.