Whittaker vs Adesanya

UFC 243 is exactly a week away and excitement levels continue to peak with every passing day! Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya is the main event of the show and it is all set to be quite the show stealer – and certainly the fight of the night! The big question heading into this match is that will the undefeated Israel Adesanya walk out of this fight with his streak intact?

Whittaker vs Adesanya UFC 243
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Let us take a closer look at Whittaker vs Adesanya, the main event of UFC 243!

UFC 243 Whittaker vs Adesanya: The Story So Far

When one looks at the careers of both these men, Whittaker has seen quite a few ups and downs – including a recent injury which forced him out of action. Following him going out of UFC to heal the injury, Israel Adesanya became the interim UFC World Middleweight Champion. However, now that the original champ is back, this fight will determine who the unified champion is!

Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya UFC 243

Stakes are high for both the men as Whittaker fights in his first fight back, that too in his home country! For Israel Adesanya, the fight is all about ensuring his undefeated streak is not broken and he ends the night at 18-0  rather than at 17-1.

Will Adesanya Lose Against Robert Whittaker?

Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya
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Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya is going to be a very close fight and we’re certain that both these men will go at it for all the five rounds. What will be interesting to see is – will the hometown advantage and the rest he’s had work in the favor of Whittaker or will Adesanya reign supreme! We feel that Whittaker has the edge here but we’ll find out soon! Stay tuned.