Conor McGregor is the most controversial name when it comes to the world of UFC. The billionaire fighter has been away from the ring following the incidents of UFC 229 where he lost and the altercation with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team. Both the men were handed a ban after that but now that the period is over, Khabib vs Poirier at UFC 242 is Khabib’s first fight back – and McGregor would love to keep a close eye on him.

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This brings us to the question – is Conor McGregor going to return to UFC anytime soon? Is he going to attend the UFC 242 event to challenge Khabib?

Conor McGregor: Will He Attend UFC 242?

As of this writing, there is no official word as to if Conor McGregor will be present at the UFC 242 main event. If he is in attendance, there is a good likelihood that some sort of a brawl would follow the main match. Dana White knows better than this and would like to keep the reputation of his company intact – and if McGregor doesn’t show up, it is because of White’s persuasion.

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Khabib vs McGregor
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However, we’ll know more on this on the day of UFC 242 as Khabib vs Poirier for the unification of the world title happens at Abu Dhabi!

Is it Going to be Khabib vs McGregor After Khabib vs Poirier?

Khabib Nurmagomedov
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Conor wants Khabib, but the Russian has shown no such intent on fighting the Irishman again. At best, he has challenged Conor to first pile up a few Wins and then challenge him – and at worst, it is a flat-out no. For now, enjoy Khabib vs Poirier. The status of Khabib vs McGregor will be known after the match is over.