UFC 242 Barboza vs Felder winning odds

Barboza vs Felder is all set to be one of the biggest highlights of UFC 242 on the 7th of September. While all the hype about this PPV has been around Khabib vs Poirier, this fight is also a major one on the card – and has the potential to be the showstealer of the night!

Barboza vs Felder UFC 242 Winner
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Let us take a closer look at this rematch between Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder and see what to expect from it!

Barboza vs Felder: Tale of the Tape

The first time Barboza faced Felder was in 2015, where he managed to defeat his opponent with ease. This match took place at UFC on Fox 16 and it went three rounds before Barboza was declared the winner. Felder said that there was a low-blow involved following which he ‘peed blood’ later on. Nevertheless, Felder now has a second chance at getting his win over Barboza.

Barboza vs Felder UFC 242
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It will be interesting to see if he manages to score a win over Barboza this time. Barboza vs Felder II would be much better than their first fight because over the past four years both the men have matured and come of their own in the world of UFC!

Who Would Win Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder at UFC 242?

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Going purely by the betting odds, Barboza appears to be leading clearly. With most betting odds showcasing him standing at winning odds of -180 vs +130 of that of Paul Felder. It will be interesting to see who wins this match, but so far Barboza vs Felder is going in Edson Barboza’s favor once again.