Daniel Cormier Retirement

The main event of UFC 241 saw Daniel Cormier (DC) take on Stipe Miocic for the second time. While before the match began, DC was the odds-on favorite while Miocic was the underdog, but the night ended in a way that no one had anticipated. Cormier was knocked out by Miocic, who is now the Heavyweight Champion. However, what does this mean for DC?

Cormier vs Miocic DC Retires UFC 241
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Let us take a closer look and see if Cormier has any plans for retirement after this loss.

UFC 241: What Happened at Cormier vs Miocic II?

Cormier vs Miocic II, which was the main event of UFC 241, witnessed Miocic defeat DC in the fourth round. While Cormier seemed to be on the lead throughout the match, the fourth round went against his plans and he suffered a knockout loss – only the second loss of his career.

UFC 241 Daniel Cormier Retirement
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DC had a better percentage of total strikes and significant strikes when compared to Stipe Miocic, but that one brutal knockout blow was all it took for Miocic to score that win against Daniel Cormier in this rematch. The question now is, what will DC do next?

Is Daniel Cormier About to Retire? #ThankYouDC

Daniel Cormier UFC Retirement

There is a good chance that Daniel Cormier might just retire from UFC. Given the fact that he is 40 years old and a heavyweight in the UFC, he is one of the oldest guys on the roster. Following this match, Cormier’s win-loss record stands at 22-2. People have already started to tweet using the hashtag #ThankYouDC and it is expected that an official statement of retirement will be issued soon by the legend.