UFC 241 is less than three weeks away and we can’t be any more excited. The co-main event of the show features Diaz vs Pettis where a returning Nate Diaz takes on Anthony Pettis. Having returned to the Welterweight division after fighting in the lightweight division for over 10 years, Pettis won his match against Thompson earlier this year and is now eager to face off against Nate Diaz, who hasn’t fought in three years now.

Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis
Image UFC

Let us take a closer look and see if Nate Diaz will win his first match back or will Pettis ruin the return?

Diaz vs Pettis: Who Is Expected to Win?

Currently, the betting odds indicate that the returning Nate Diaz is going to win. However, odds tend to change last minute – as has been seen in the Pacquiao vs Thurman boxing match recently. Given the fact that Diaz has been away and inactive for three years, it appears that Pettis does have the upper hand. Furthermore, Diaz’s win-loss record of 19-11 proves that he does tend to lose quite a few matches he participates in!

Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis Result
Image LowKick MMA

However, what you can truly expect from Diaz vs Pettis is a solid beatdown as Nate Diaz hits the punches and kicks with great fury!

What’s Next for Nate Diaz in the UFC?

Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis Winner
Image ESPN

Following Diaz vs Pettis at UFC 241, Nate Diaz is likely to be looking for a new challenger and Conor McGregor seems to be returning at just the right time. Could this lead to a Diaz vs McGregor III? It will be interesting to see if McGregor chooses to fight Diaz once he returns to action.

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