Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 241

UFC 241 is right around the corner! With less than a week to go to the big PPV event, the hype around the show continues to increase. While names such as Daniel Cormier and Nate Diaz are enough to sell the tickets, fans of the show were also hoping that there will be a buzz around Conor McGregor making his much-awaited return to the Octagon at this PPV. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

Conor McGregor UFC 241 Not Coming
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Let us take a closer look at what’s up with McGregor and why he won’t be there, as well as when he makes his return to UFC.

Conor McGregor: What Is He Up To?

Conor McGregor is now a billionaire and will be busy celebrating his success somewhere while DC vs Miocic II and Diaz vs Pettis main event the UFC 241 PPV. McGregor is now an entrepreneur and a busy man, promoting his Irish Whisky as well as venturing into other businesses. However, there’s a certain someone McGregor has his eyes on – Khabib Nurmagomedov, who will also not be appearing at the event.

Conor McGregor UFC 241 Return
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Conor McGregor is unlikely to return to the company anytime before UFC 242, where Khabib vs Poirier happens.

Will We Get McGregor vs Khabib Anytime Soon?

Conor McGregor UFC 241
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As of this writing, nothing is certain. However, the two men are expected to collide at UFC 250, which will take place in 2020. Before that, Conor McGregor might face Nate Diaz if he is able to defeat Anthony Pettis at UFC 241.