Uber and Lyft strike

The drivers of the two largest cab companies in the market, Uber and Lyft declared a strike on Wednesday, and passengers may face problems booking rides in the next few days. The strike has been declared as an effort by the employees to demand better wages and other benefits at the workplace.

San Francisco, Boston, San Diego face worst situation

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A recent report has revealed that passengers in big cities like San Francisco, Boston, and San Diego will be the ones who will be most adversely affected. The divers are planning to strike for a full 24 hours in these cities.

Georgia, on the other hand, is expecting to see a 12-hour strike, while New Yorkers will experience difficulty securing a ride during the rush hours. Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC will see rallies and strikes. Even UK drivers may join the cause to show solidarity with their American brothers.

Uber and Lyft strike

Even if passengers manage to book a cab, they are likely to experience a surge in price because of a lack of drivers.

Uber and Lyft refuse to pay minimum wage.

The strike is a way for the drivers to make Uber and Lyft improve wages, and offer other services like retirement benefits, health insurance, etc. The two companies consider themselves independent contractors, hence they have refused to abide by overtime pay and minimum wage laws so far.

As a result of the strike, Lyft saw a stock fall of 3.15 percent on Wednesday.