The opinions of Ty Montgomery fans have gone from bad to worse to sympathetic in the last two days. On returning the Packers has told his family to listen to his radio interview on Monday as he has received threats recently.

He has accepted that he might have ruined his team’s chances of winning against the Rams, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to receive threats against his family. In the last minutes of their previous game, Montgomery fumbled while trying to score.

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His team mates were visibly upset at his foolishness. But the fans were so angry that they decided to make him disciplined. They not only were abusive but also threatened him with threats. This is another case of fans believing they are the ones of utmost importance. They should be kept in mind during all matches. However, it’s to be kept in mind that no one has the authority to put anyone in danger even if that person is joking online. It’s just a game of football and anything can happen, as it’s human to make mistakes.

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