Twitter Users Share 29 Statues That Are Better Than The Ones Protesters Are Tearing Down

Humans have a tendency to share their opinions confidently in front of anyone. And, even the world cannot stop you from speaking for or against something. Thus, whenever we find something unusual happening around us, we protest against it. And one such protest is about the takedown of Edward Colston statue in Bristol. He was associated with the slave trade and thus, this topic has gained much spark. But the people find it quite difficult to choose their side about it. But, apart from this, the residents have got the inspiration to take down some more statues also.

Namely, Christopher Columbus, Jefferson Davis, and the Portsmouth Confederate Statue are among the demands. The people are demanding to remove the Cecil Rhodes statue in the UK as well. While the statue purge continues, it is more important to understand that not all the statues honor debatable and dubious personalities. Because there are many honorable and good guys in the history who worked selflessly for the development.

Thus, we believe, not all of them should be taken down. Also, a trend on Twitter has begun where people have suggested a few such personalities that deserve to be respected. And we have curated the best picks out of them for you below.

#1 The woman with a handbag, Växjö, Sweden

Famous statues: The woman with a handbag, Växjö, Sweden

#2 La Mulâtresse Solitude

La Mulâtresse Solitude

#3 Sir Nicholas Wilton

Famous statues: Sir Nicholas Wilton

#4 Underwater Sculptures, Granada

Underwater Sculptures, Granada

#5 Queen Liliʻuokalani

Famous statues: Queen Liliʻuokalani

#6 Famine Memorial, Dublin

Famine Memorial, Dublin

#7 Dignity Statue

Famous statues:  Dignity Statue

#8 Alan Turing

Alan Turing

#9 Jewish refugees

Famous statues: Jewish refugees

#10 Gaspar Nyanga

Gaspar Nyanga

#11 Busa

Famous statues: Busa

#12 Women of Steel

Women of Steel

#13 Anne Frank

Famous statues: Anne Frank

#14 Virginia Civil Right Memorial

Virginia Civil Right Memorial

#15 Lapu-Lapu of Mactan

Famous statues:Lapu-Lapu of Mactan

#16 Benkos Biohó 

Benkos Biohó 

#17 Martin Luther King Jr & Emily Wilding Davison

Famous statues:  Martin Luther King Jr & Emily Wilding Davison

#18 Louis Riel

Louis Riel

#19 Lady Liberty

Famous statues: Lady Liberty

#20 End of fears of slavery

End of fears of slavery

#21 Coal City

Famous statues: Coal City

#22 C.L Dellums

C.L Dellums

#23 Fighting Fascism

Famous statues: Fighting Fascism

#24 Badagry, Nigeria

Badagry, Nigeria

#25 Circa 2011

Famous statues: Circa 2011

#26 Touissant Louverture

Touissant Louverture

#27 Mary Barbour’s Army

Famous statues: Mary Barbour's Army


#28 Cuffy, 1763 Monument

Cuffy, 1763 Monument

#29 Mary Slessor

Famous statues: Mary Slessor

Now, that you have seen about all of them, you’ll probably believe that these guys need respect for what they’ve done. Also, if you have any such personalities in mind, do share their names in the comments section below. Also, vote for the ones you liked the most from our collection.