Some secrets just take a while before coming out.

Someone has truly said that no secret is hidden forever. But some wise people can perfectly hide a family secret for a long time, 30 years to be precise. However, now it’s out. 

Just like any other family, even this family had a secret, and it was about their family dog, Murdoch. We know you might be pretty excited to know this secret. Well, well, hold your excitement and scroll down to have a look. 

So the story starts.

And so they got a dog.

Which they named Murdoch. For a while, everything seemed perfect.

But then it did a complete 180 and they lost the dog.

And there was nothing they could do.

Until the adorable doggo found his own way home.

Or so it seemed at first.

Turns out Murdoch had a little help from someone.

The people who owned the dog weren’t treating him right.

So Nicole and her friends made a plan.

A plan, so ingenious that it had to work.

They wanted to free the dog from the abuse.

So they did exactly that.

And everyone went on their merry way not revealing anything.

Nicole is certainly a hero in my books.

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