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Twitter has deleted more than 10,000 accounts that discourage voting in the U.S.

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Twitter Inc has reportedly deleted over 10,000 automated accounts which featured posts and message that has been discouraging the residents if the U.S. to not place a vote in the midterm election this Tuesday as these posts originate from the Democrats after the party flagged the deceptive tweets to the social media platform.

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A spokesman representing Twitter revealed in an email that “they have taken actions towards many relevant activity and accounts on Twitter.” The removal of these accounts had taken place in September and early October.


According to three of the familiar sources, the efforts of the Democrats, Twitter had removed over 10,000 accounts. The number of accounts that have been deleted this time of the year is modest when contrasted with the deletion of account in the past as Twitter had reportedly deleted millions that were directly responsible for supporting and spreading misinformation during the 2016’s presidential election.

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The removal of accounts is portraying an early win because of the fledgeling effort by the DCCC, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. DCCC is a group of political parties that support the Democrats around America who are running for the representatives of the U.S. House.


Reportedly, DCCC has launched the respective effort this year itself as a response to the inability of the part in responding millions of accounts many social networking sites like Twitter that are involved in spreading false information and negative impression related to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate along with candidates with other candidates back in the year 2016, people who are intimate with the operation have told Reuters.

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According to two sources familiar with the sluggish action, these tweets include news that prevented Democrats from voting, saying it would overwhelm women. According to tripartite sources, DCCC has developed its own system for identifying and reporting malicious automated accounts on social media.

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