I’m sure that you will agree math was our least favorite subject when we were in school. And people who liked maths didn’t show much interest in English. It seems like these two subjects never get along. 

Probably that’s people can’t find a valid answer to the simple-looking equation that also has detail sensitivity of English.

One afternoon this week saw Twitter user @lesvity take to Twitter with what looks like a fairly simple equation.

And I suppose their confusion makes sense because almost everyone who replied was just as puzzled as to how they ended up with seven.

However, this seemed to be the only fact of the question that everybody actually could agree on.

Those who landed on the number nine as an answer, they’re working under the assumption that all division and multiplication should happen from left to right.

Meanwhile, those who arrived at one as their answer are sticking closer to the order laid out in PEMDAS.

Once that point of contention was cleared up, Twitter user @Froman_Official was even able to figure out how that first person ended up with seven.

So now that we know how everyone came to their answers, what’s the real answer?