A brand-new TV spot for One Punch Man Season 2 is here. The newly released footage doesn’t reveal much except condensed versions of whatever we have seen in rest of the promos and trailers of One Punch Man Season 2.

One Punch Man Season 2 TV Spot Is Here!

One Punch Man Season 2 is Coming!

Obviously, there is too much of controversy surrounding the second season of One Punch Man. This is why getting a small look at the new footage is something fans are looking forward to.

It’s yet to be seen how the second season of One Punch Man fares once it premiers but the early reactions from fans on the social media have been quite savage on the production and animation of JC Staff, which took the production from Madhouse, which was behind the successful first season of One Punch Man.

However, the official character designs for One Punch Man were released by JC Staff has recently. These did impress fans way more than what the trailers did.

One Punch Man Character Designs

One Punch Man’s title hero, Saitama has been the point of contention among fans as earlier Madhouse’s verbing between the Stoic mode Saitama and the superpowered mode came out as highlights of the series.

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Some scenes in One Punch Man Season 1 between Genos and Saitama are still seen as classics in the world of anime and the credit goes to Madhouse. The second season will bring in characters like Fubaki and Garo and judging by the story arc, we believe that JC Staff is going to bring in some really iconic moments to life.

In 2009, One Punch Man began its span as a webcomic. After it went viral and surpassed seven million hits in 2012, the illustrator Yusuke Murata went to ONE to redraw the series for a Shuiesha’s Weekly release.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter