There is no one who can deny the fact that they are divided into either of the two categories. One being a dog person and the other is a cat person. It’s okay to have a liking more towards a particular creature. When people are at work, even then they sit and think about what their pet would be up to back at home. Often because of this, many people even fall into a debate and end up not liking each other. Well, there can be endless facts presented about who is the best amongst cats and dogs. But let’s just see what this Tumbler user has to explain about differences between cat people and dog people.

That’s considered a crime.

Cats are cats and they all become an a*shole at some point.

Conceal it, don’t feel it. Don’t let anyone know.

My pet is better than yours?

Dogs are just fluffy and cats are choky, they’re NEVER fat.

Do you see the difference?

Both are greek to one another.

This would make things much easier to understand.

It’s complicated.

Wow! Just wow! Where do these people come from?

Well, we love them both, and irrespective of people having their individual thoughts, you have the freedom to love anyone and everyone. You can even be both a cat and a dog person. So, make your own choices.