House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attended a meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday. This meeting was in relation to the partial government shutdown that is affecting many federal employees.

Partial Shutdown is in Effect

This partial shutdown has now lasted for approx 19 days and had started just before Christmas. This activity has taken place for raise the funding of the Border Wall. Trump had previously announced that it would be funded by Mexico. But later he devised a plan to commence partial shutdown.

Doanld Trump walks out of the meeting held for discussing his plan over partial shutdown of the government and funding in relation to the Border Wall.
Donald Trump walks out of a meeting held on Wednesday with the Democrats. Credits: HuffPost Australia

In the meeting it was discussed that this shutdown is affecting a lot of federal staff as either they are working for no salary or they are having lesser options to pay for their basic necessities.

Chuck Schumer also commented that why is the President using people as leverage. The government should be open.

To this Trump responded that if he open the government then he wouldn’t be able to receive what he intends to. He just need to generate at-least $5 billion for the Border Wall and would not accept any budget proposal until then.

Pelosi commented to this that the President seems to act as a stubborn and insensitive child. He further said that he thinks that they could just ask their father for money. But this can’t happen.

To all this the President just stood up and walked out of the meeting. The tweet that was posted showed his dis-concern about the meeting. He tweeted that the discussion was a waste of time.

The President tweeted,

If as of now I resume the working of the government, would you affirm to the Border Security plan which incorporates a Wall or a Steel Barrier? Nancy stated, NO.

He then commented that no other option is satisfactory to him unless funding can be obtained.

Democrats and their stand on the matter

The reporters present outside the White House received the notification by Pelosi based on what Schumer has commented that the President is not interested handling the future impacts of this shutdown. He does not understand the Financial Insecurity that is being faced by federal employees.

This further elaborated that Trump has an objective that he would like to Shutdown until and unless all his terms are met by the Democrats.

The VP told correspondents that the Democratic pioneers likewise protested Trump’s portrayal of the circumstance at the southern outskirt, which Pence alluded to as “a compassionate and security emergency.” Pelosi.

Pence stated, “started to contend whether we even had an emergency or whether realities are valid.”

Source: HuffPost, Flipboard, Sky News and LA Times

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