US President, Donald Trump made it to news this week for the extol he gave to Greg Gianforte while addressing a campaign rally in Missoula. Republican Congressman, Gianforte had been accused for physical assault on a journalist, Ben Jacobs in the May of 2017.

The accusations of the physical assault on journalist, Jacob were initially denied by Gianforte and he falsely claimed that Jacob has initiated the assault by grabbing his wrists and pulling them both on the floor.  According to the witnesses, however  which included Fox Crew members, Gianforte had become enraged over a question asked by the journalist and grabbed him by the neck, slamming him to the floor as was claimed by the journalist as well.

However, later Greg not just paid a fine of $300 apart from $85 as court fee; 180 day deferred sentence and community service of 40 hours but also apologized saying that he did wrong and shouldn’t have done that.

During the rally, Trump narrated that he was in Rome with the leaders of the other world when the incident took place, but when he learned about the news his initial reaction was that Greg might lose the elections which were about to take place in Montana, but later he had the perception that this might actually help the Congressman rather, praising him for his actions and calling him a “tough cookie.”

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The incident had taken place just a day before the elections but by then most of the people have already voted so the incident was not bound to make much of an impact on the results.

Gianforte is up for another election this November against former legislator, Kathleen Williams who is already using the audio tapes of this incident against Greg.