Trump Forcing Federal Employees to Work Without Pay During Government Shutdown!

President Trump is trying his level best to blunt the effect of the government shutdown. The US administration has laid out orders for thousands of federal employees to get back to work without any pay.

This will enable the government to monitor food safety, issue tax refunds, inspect planes and successfully carry out the sales of the drilling rights of the government.

Due to the partial shutdown of shield favored industries, the funding for the development of new aircraft, crafts beers, and stock offerings are at a deadlock.

When a similar issue arose during the Obama government, the then administration closed down national parts barred the common people from open-air monuments. The citizens were in a rage and the government channelized this anger to blame the Republicans.

By asking the employees to work under this shutdown, Trump is bypassing several federal laws. There’s a 149-year-old law which says that the government is not allowed to spend any more money than the Congress have given them.

Trump is not only planning to fund the workers but also having talks with the congressional Democrats on funding of the wall at the US-Mexican border.

Halting the Paychecks of 800,000 Employees during Government Shutdown

During the shutdown, Trump administration halted the paychecks of over 800,000 federal employees. This includes 420,000 workers who are forced to work anyways. The President will sign formal legislation this Wednesday which assures that the workers will get their payment after the shutdown is over.

This has caught the eye of the NTEU (National Treasury Employees Union) who is suing the Trump administration for making such a huge number of employees work without a payout.

But it’s of no use. The judge belongs to the government and it has already rejected the request of the union. The union laid out a request last Tuesday, to put forward a legal order.  That the US government must pay its workers or it should allow them to take job else. The judge rejected the request.

Fund Available for A Five Year Plan?

Despite all these, Trump is using the little fund available for a “fossil fuel oriented energy dominance agenda”. Former deputy Interior secretary who goes by the name David Hayes reported this. But how is Trump unable to pay the employee but able to put forward an unnecessary five-year agenda?

Source- Bloomberg Quint , CNN