True Detective season 4 release date

True Detective season 4 might not happen at all because there are no stories to play out yet. True Detective season 3 returned to HBO after a three and a half year break. And it looks like the fans are in for a long wait before the fourth season shows up.

But, the fans are not the only ones who are going to be in for the long wait. Apparently, HBO is also in the same place. And that is why we haven’t heard any renewal decision from the channel.

True Detective Season 4 Release Date

True Detective season 4 plot

Deadline has reported that an update has been released about True Detective season 4 a few days back. And according to the update, they have not prepared any plot or story to pitch to HBO. They have some ideas on their plate, but Nic Pizzolatto, the series creator is still not satisfied with them and is waiting to land the perfect one.

Casey Bloys, HBO President of Programming, had mentioned the same thing when the third season of True Detective had come to an end. According to Bloys, if the new season is already set in a plot, then HBO would be happy to hear it. After all, the same has happened with the latest season too.

True Detective Season 4 Release Date Cast

Also, in April, Pizzolatto had already revealed in an interview that he is very excited for the story that he is going to pitch for True Detective season 4.  But, he did not reveal any solid details of the new season.  He has also hinted that he has been talking an actor, who might be the new lead of the new season.

Will the new season air on HBO?

But, HBO recently revealed that no story has been pitched to them yet. So, there might have been a change in Pizzolatto’s plans. Also, he has mentioned that he is looking forward to work on other projects apart from true Detective.

So, this lack of enthusiasm has really been a piece of bad news for all the fans out there. Since True Detective season 3 has received many nominations during its run, it will be disheartening if it does not return for a fourth season.

So far, these are the only updates available for True Detective season 4. And it seems there will be a long wait for HBO and the fans before a new season shows up.