Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, the much-anticipated shoe collaboration of Nike with the hip-hop artist Travis Scott, dropped for general release on Saturday. The shoes were sold out within hours, leaving thousands of fans highly disappointed.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1

Nike SNKRS App a Disaster

Much of the disappointment stemmed over the bugs in the Nike SNKRS app. Nike makes many of its new-release shoes available on the Nike SNKRS app. But as thousands and thousands of customers hurriedly tried to place orders on Saturday morning, many of them encountered payment processing errors before they could complete the purchase. By the time orders started going through, most of the shoes were already sold out.

Enraged users voiced their frustration on Twitter, with SNKRS App even trending at number one for a while in the US and worldwide.

Angry sneakerheads rant on twitter 

One such tweet from a Scott fan read, “Damn @trvisXX gotta give it up to you. This is probably gonna be the shoe of the year and it would have been dope to purchase such art especially while being a huge fan of yours. Too bad the @Nike app stayed playing. RT if you felt this.”

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Many others were much less forgiving. “I’m f**king hot,” added a Twitter user. “For 30 minutes the @nike app hasn’t been accepting my payment and then the app crashes and now they’re sold out.” “It s**k having the money to actually buy this s**t and can’t Ik the Nike app ain’t your fault be damn I hope you see this s**t,” another user noted.

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Resellers make a killing

The online frenzy was utterly expected considering the shoes were one of the most anticipated releases of the year so far. In fact, a pair of high-top sneakers with a marked price of $175 is already reselling for over $1000.

Travis Scott is a well-known hip-hop artist, record producer and songwriter. He is also the partner of Kylie Jenner, with whom he also has a daughter.