Suman, a girl from the Kalbelia caste

Don’t we just love how photos take us to different places without even making us leave our houses? Of course, we love them. After all, these mesmerizing pictures give us a chance to explore the corners of this world where we have never been to. 

And today, we have brought some of the amazing shorts of an adventurous photographer, named Magdalena Bagrianow. She is from Poland and lives in the U.K. She has captured some striking moments in India and we are totally loving them. Bagrianow has spent a few months in India so that she can get a closer understanding of how people live here. She has captured some of the great pictures of people living here. 

“It is by looking into the person’s eyes that we get the feeling of their character, their emotions,” Bagrianow says. “It allows us to connect with them and get a glimpse of who they really are.” “I was fortunate,” she shares, “to become friends with many of them over the years.”

You can scroll down to see some of the great pictures that she has captured.

Magdalena Bagrianow traveled to India and shot gorgeous portrait photos of the people that live there.

Hindu Holy man at Pushkar

Rajasthani girl

She focused her striking imagery on those that reside in rural areas.

Rajasthani women

Maya, a girl from the Bhopa caste

Woman at Pushkar Fair

Woman from the Kabelia caste

Rajasthani herder at Pushkar Fair

Rajasthani man from the Kalbelia caste

Rajasthani herder at Pushkar Fair

Girl from Kalbelia tribe

Sagina, a girl from the Kalbelia caste

A young woman at a Pushkar

Rajasthani girl

Rajasthani baby boy

Rajasthani boy

Rajasthani herder at Pushkar Fair

Camel herder at Pushkar fair

Girl at the Pushkar fair

Boy at the Pushkar fair

Rajasthani girl

Kalbelia girl

A little boy dressed up as Hindu deity Lord Shiva at a holy festival in Pushkar