The American-born bronze medalist made a false cry after losing the world-championship in cycle racing to a transgender woman. He reported that the race results are unfair.

Rachel McKinnon is the first-ever transgender woman to win the world championship in the cycle race. An assistant professor by profession, Rachel McKinnon works at Philosophy department at Charleston College in South Carolina and was into a massive debate when a tweet was made about her.

Earlier this year, McKinnon at a speech in Charleston College asked whether is it fair for transgender athletes to participate in women’s category?

While Rachel McKinnon argues it is fair to participate and given the rules and regulations that are adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) along together with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the American bronze medalist felt that it was unfair for a transwoman to win at the end of the world championships.

The third-place finisher, Jennifer Wagner in a response to a tweet said that it was definitely unfair for a transwoman to win. She also made a false cry at the end of the world championship.

In another tweet, Hopkins posted the image of 3 cyclists standing together on the podium with a caption stating that the race was WOMENS world championships and repeated the same once again for better clarity. Hopkins congratulated the brave faces who won silver and bronze medals.

In a tweet, Wagner snapped her anger by stating that just because of the UCI’s rule, it doesn’t mean that it is fair for a transwoman to participate. Rules can be modified or changed.

But 4 days after the controversy and the firestorm have ended, Wagner made an apologies to Rachel McKinnon. She also added that she would work on the UCI rules to avoid more controversy in the future.

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