Season 13 of Trailer Park Boys will be out soon and the fans are going crazy to know all about it. Here’s all that you need to know about the release date, how to watch and other spoilers related to the show.

The show, Trailer Park Boys has to cross a lot of hurdles to reach where it was once. The show first premiered back in 1998. Trailer Park Boys completed seven seasons on Showtime before it was cancelled. The show was based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

After some years, the Trailer Park Boys’ rights were bought by Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay and Robb Wells. They were the main cast members and played the role of Bubbles, Julian and Ricky on the show. They collected the required money for purchasing the rights of the show. After that ‘Swearnet’, a streaming service, was started by these cast members. They continued to work in collaboration with Netflix.

Trailer Park Boys Season 13: Canceled or Renewed?
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After going through the hardships, Trailer Park Boys not only came to the limelight, but also had spin-off shows. When the Trailer Park Boys first premiered, no one felt that it could get so popular. However, John Dunsworth’s death put an end to the good days. The entire team was shool by his unexpected death. After Dunsworth’s death, there was no news about the show.

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There are even rumors that the filming of the show was never completed. John made his last appearance in the twelfth season before his death. It is confirmed that his role won’t be played by anyone else even if we get to see another season of the show.

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Should we expect another season of Trailer Park Boys?

If the filming of Trailer Park Boys is already complete, then we can trust the rumors. In that case, we will soon get to see another episode of the show. There is a possibility that the next season May release in Match this year itself.

Source: Otakukart, The Cinemaholic