Toy Story 4

Pixar released the fourth instalment of its fan-favourite Toy Story franchise. Toy Story 4 not only broke records at the box office since its release, but it has also topped the charts related to piracy.


As per the reports of TorrentFreak, Disney Pixar’s latest animated film has made its way to the top 10 list of most pirated movies of the week.

The top ten most pirated movies list also feature Disney’s Dumbo at the top. It is followed by James Gunn’s Brightburn. Escape Plan: The Extractor is in the third position in the list.

Toy Story 4 was released on Friday, June 21, and in mere hours someone uploaded an HDCam rip of the movie on several torrent sites including Piratesbay.

Even after getting hit by pirates Toy Story 4 has managed to collect nearly $280 million in its opening week worldwide.

Toy Story 4 torrents can get you in trouble

Firstly, downloading and sharing a copyrighted material like Toy Story 4 without getting permission from the creator could land you in jail. Authorities related have started to monitor websites that are involved in illegal torrenting of movies.

Toy Story 4 torrent

Authorities can track your IP address which could get you in a lot of trouble.

The second big reason to avoid Toy Story 4 torrents is the fact that these torrents files are mostly infected with malware.

Spammers and hacker spread their malware by using popular movie torrents as a carrier. Whenever a user downloads a pirated movie, it is highly likely that his computer will get infected. Hackers use malware to steal and sell your personal information.

Toy Story 4 is currently at fourth position in the piracy chart, which is not good news for Disney.

Toy Story 4 Release Date

We recommend you to watch it on the big screen and appreciate the hard work of its creator.