Top 3% of U.S. Citizens Paid Majority of Income Taxes in 2016. As per information as of late discharged by the Internal Revenue Services, The main 50 percent of all citizens paid 97 percent of aggregate individual salary charges. According to the reports acquired for the period finished Sept 30 the individual salary charge is required to get generally $1.7 trillion, or about portion of every government income.

On the off chance that past measurements are to be accepted, in 2016, $1.44 trillion salary charges were paid by 140.9 million citizens detailing a sum of $10.2 trillion in balanced gross pay. At the point when investigated the information for individual returns it was acquired that The best 1 percent paid a more prominent offer of individual salary charges (37.3 percent) than the last 90 percent joined (30.5 percent).

Notwithstanding, the normal expense rates paid for the exceptionally wealthiest have fallen as of late from a pinnacle of 24.1 percent in 2013 to 22.9 on 2016 and was an entire four rate focuses beneath the 26.9 percent that the main one percent paid by and large.

Source: Bloomberg Quint