Tom Sizemore, who was known for his roles in movies like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down,” has died.

The actor died on Friday in a hospital near Los Angeles. His family had to make the hard decision to take him off life support. The actor had been getting treatment since February 18, when he had a brain aneurysm at home, which caused him to pass out and fall down.

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Charles Lago, who is Tom Sizemore’s representative, tells,

It is with great sadness and sorrow I have to announce that actor Thomas Edward Sizemore (“Tom Sizemore”) aged 61 passed away peacefully in his sleep today at St Joseph’s Hospital Burbank. His Brother Paul and twin boys Jayden and Jagger (17) were at his side.

According to a source, Tom Sizemore was taken to the emergency room at 2 AM and was in critical condition while doctors worked on him in the intensive care unit (ICU). He never got back to his senses.

Tom Sizemore’s manager, Charles Lago, said that he was still in bad shape a week after the accident. He was still in a coma and showing no signs of getting better in the ICU. Sources said that the medical staff at his place of work suggested an end-of-life plan that gave the family choices.

Lago also said that Tom’s aneurysm was caused by a stroke, which made him fall down.

Tom Sizemore

Sizemore’s legacy is definitely clouded by controversy, especially in his later years, but for a while, he was a sure thing in Hollywood. This was especially true when he started to blow up after a string of career-changing roles in the ’90s, like the one he got in Spielberg’s World War II epic.

In “SPR,” TS played Sergeant Horvath alongside Tom Hanks and other famous actors as they looked for Matt Damon’s character to relieve him of duty. Sizemore’s performance stood out, and he was even nominated for a couple of awards for it.

Even before “Ryan,” Sizemore had played important roles in movies like “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie,” “Passenger 57,” “True Romance,” “Natural Born Killers,” “Devil in a Blue Dress,” “Heat,” “Enemy of the State,” and many more. By this time, he had made himself into a nice little archetype by playing a tough guy/or a hardened criminal in most of his roles.

Sizemore didn’t have as many memorable roles in the 2000s and later decades, but he still made a lot of movies. Some of the best ones are “Pearl Harbor,” “Black Hawk,” “Dreamcatcher,” “Red Planet,” and “Paparazzi.”

Tom added a lot of B-movies and TV shows to his resume in the late 2000s and early 2010s. In total, he had 230 acting roles to his name, but he wasn’t as popular as he was 30 years ago. Throughout his career, Sizemore also had to deal with addiction.

He had been arrested a few times, including a couple of times for domestic violence and many times for crimes related to drug use. Sizemore’s addictions had sent him back and forth to rehab.