The teaser for the Tokyo Revengers season 3 was released recently. Now, many fans are waiting more and more eagerly for the release of this season. What can be expected from this season?

Read on to know more about the expected release date and possible plot lines we can expect in Tokyo Revengers season 3.

Tokyo Revengers season 3 Release date

The creators of the anime series, Liden Films, announced a third season for the anime on April 1, 2023. A teaser was also released on their official YouTube channel. However, the official release date for Tokyo Revengers season 3 is yet to be announced. Many fans are speculating the release to be by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. Given that anime is now gaining more and more popularity, the creators would be benefited from an early release.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

In most counties, the anime is available to watch on the anime streaming platform Crunchyroll. Fans can watch it on a subscription basis. Once released, it will also air on TV channels such as Animax Asia. It is also available on Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu in select countries.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date, Watch Online, Preview, and More
Poster for season 3

What to expect from Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

Tokyo Revengers season 3 will animate the fan-favorite Tenjiku arc from the manga. The Tenjiku arc is one of the best and longest arcs of the manga comprising 66 chapters. The arc will focus on the battle between Takemichi and Tetta Kisaki. The arc follows the revenge of the Tenjiku gang run by Izana Kurokawa and Tetta Kisaki, against the Tokyo Manji gang, run by Mikey.

Basic synopsis of the arc without spoiling is as follows. Already living in a present where Toman has been ruined by Mikey, Takemichi has no option but to go back to the past. Takemichi goes back to the past to become stronger and ruin Kisaki’s plans before it is too late.  Soon a mysterious Yokohama gang by the name of Tenjiku starts to take over Toman divisions until they are the most powerful gang in the whole of Japan.

With the conclusion of this arc, only three short arcs for the conclusion of Tokyo Revengers will remain to be animated. The Bonten arc, Three Deities arc, and the Kanto Manji arc with the last two arcs being the conclusion arc of the manga are left to be animated.  The final arcs will focus on Takemichi making his own gang to face off against Mikey and end the trauma and sadness once in for all.

Tokyo Revengers Plot 

The Plot follows Takemichi Hanagaki who is a 26 yo normal citizen. He learns that his first love from middle school Hinata Tachibana and Naoto Tachibana, her younger brother are assassinated by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Naturally, he is shocked by the news. The next day when Takemichi is standing by the railway platform, he is pushed onto the track, and at that exact second, he travels back in time by 12 years. He then tells the then-younger Naoto Tachibana that he and his older sister will be killed in the future.

Tokyo revengers season 3

Once Takemichi makes it back to the future he learns that Naoto, now a detective survives in the future but his sister has a different fate. Takemichi and Naoto keep experimenting with how to go back to the past to help change the events of the present and hopefully save Hinata from a cursed fate.