As a person grows, who knows which person is going to be their best friends and who will they befriend. This certainly isn’t the case with a 2-year old baby boy, Theo. The first time when he saw Benny, that very instant he knew they are going to be best friends. Irrespective of the differences in them, Benny is Theo are inseparable from each other.

Scroll down to meet this adorable friendship.


Back in September is when everything began. Theo’s mom Abigail were going to head to a resovior. As they were getting ready to leave, the air felt moist, and since it’s pretty rare in a Utah home, Abigail decided to investigate. “I went downstairs and noticed the water heater had flooded the basement,” she told Hiptoro.

“The basement is unfinished so it wasn’t that big of a deal. While I was cleaning up the mess, Theo found the skeleton among all of the decorations. Once I had everything cleaned up, [it was time to head] to the reservoir. However, he refused to get into the car without his skeleton. So the skeleton came along on a fun adventure with us. Since then they have been inseparable.”

Theo’s mom belives that he has a heart of gold and loves to be around kids of his age.

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When he takes Benny to the public, passers-by probably see how genuine the toddler’s emotions are because their reactions are usually just as wholesome. “People are really nice and sweet about the whole thing,” Abigail said. “It definitely makes a lot of people smile. A few [also] come up to us and say that it’s so cute.”

She also believes that the lockdown has been tough for Theo. They used to go on play dates every week but due to social distancing, it has stopped for a while now.


People are really happy for Theo, and some parents recalled their kids’ interesting friendships as well