Ordering food online and getting it delivered to your home is a pleasing experience for most of us. You pick up your phone, order food, and wait until it reaches your destination.  Sometimes you have to wait a little longer than you had expected, but you deal with the trauma and enjoy a meal afterward.

However, Reddit user ‘Agent Papier‘ had it way worse than any of us could have thought.

The delivery girl who came with the food delivery package found the fact surprising that a black person could also own a Golden Retriever. She was so suspicious, that she did something terrible. She decided to save the dog and find the owner to return it to them. You know, how some citizens act crazy and have psychotic beliefs related to people’s color.

What happened next was good. The delivery girl called the cops to deal with the situation. But it did backfire on her. Luckily, the cops were more reasonable and winded up the scene decently.

After ‘Agent Papier’ finally ate her meal, she turned to her subreddit r/TIFU to share the incident, and her post went viral pretty soon.

People couldn’t believe how ridiculous the whole ordeal was