Rumors have it that Esai Morales will play the role of Slade Wilson in Titans Season 2 of the DC Universe. Titans Season 2 is ready for some live action and will be back for another season soon. Mitovich was contacted to tap on some spoilers for Titans Season 2. Mitovich said,

In addition to introducing its versions of Conner Kent/Superboy and Deathstroke, the DC Universe series is also casting the series regular role of a kickass biracial young woman who lets nothing stand in her way, even if it means snuffing someone to get it.

Titans Season 2 cast

Titans Season 2 plot and cast

He confirmed that Rose Wilson/Ravager will be seen in Titans Season 2. She was created by Art Nichols and Wolfman and first appeared in “Deathstroke #15” (1992). Wilson has had a life of duality.

She has been a rebel when it comes to her father and at other times, she took her side. Rose has been dodging her way between Wilson and Ravager. Her backstory and origin have been changed several times.

Rose Wilson was introduced to the comic readers in “The New Teen Titans #2” from the DC Comics. She has been the deadliest assassin of DC and is famous for it. The infamous Deathstroke is feared by many.

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The highest bidder gets the opportunity to enjoy her services. The ruthless assassin has never missed her shot and she is truly ruthless.

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Apart from Wilson, Pepin’s Superboy/Conner Kent is the angsty steel teenager who is trying to discover the truth about his past and his life’s purpose. During his search, he ends up in the world of Titans and finds a surrogate family. The revelations will further complicate his life in the Season 2 of Titans.