The Gresham family always wanted to adopt a dog. Penny, there newly adopted dog made their dream come true.

Caroline Gresham’s family recently adopted Penny. Just like all of us, this family is spending a lot of time indoors and considered this the best time to add a new furry friend to their fam.

“Zachary (Dad) spent an hour one day pretending to be a dog for the kids. After that he was like, ‘It’s time. We’re getting a dog,'” Caroline Gresham shared.

Penny and Her New Fam

Penny is a 4-year-old, healthy pitbull mix. The family loves their new friend and is having a great experience.  However, Penny is young and untrained. The family requires a little professional aid.

In the words of the Greshams, “She goes a little crazy on walks when she sees another dog. We’d like to train her to walk better.”

Every new dog owner has these problems. However, because of social distancing, they can’t get any professional help.

Seek Help Online

Internet usage is at its peak today and just like any other online course, several dog training courses are always available online.

Spivak, the President of Comprehensive Pet Therapy shared, “Each dog and family are unique. Internet media and books pose the disadvantage of not customizing instruction for the characteristics of the dog and family. Moreover, videos and print media do not provide feedback.”

There are live training classes in the form of videos. Though these dog owners learn about the best way to train their dogs.

Victoria Stilwell is a dog behavioral expert at the famous
Victoria with her pet dog.
She has gained fame from the show “It’s Me or the Dog.
She says,

“Don’t wait until we can all get out again. We don’t know when that’s going to be, so start now.”

Dogs are very social animals. They easily face major separation anxiety.  Spivak suggests giving dogs time in their crates is very helpful for DIY housetraining. Just like children,  dogs learn even at times when you’re not specifically teaching them.

The Gresham fam loves Penny, they said, “She’s perfect for the kids. They play with her all day. Overall, it’s been amazing.”